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Safety Review based on Tier 2 indicators 2020

In addition to higher-level indicators for the safety performance, (tier 1; accidents, serious incidents and fatalities), various lower-level indicators (tiers 2 and 3) are used to monitor the development of operative risk factors. Tier 2 indicators include the most significant causal factors of accidents; Runway excursions (RE), Runway Incursions (RI-VAP), Airprox incidents (MAC), CFIT incidents (CFIT), Losses of control in air (LOC-I) and Ground collisions (GCOL) Definitions of the indicators can be found further below.

Runway excursions monthly in 2020 and annually 2013-2020 in Finland

Runway incursions (RI-VAP) per causal domain 2004 (in some cases several domains may have a contribution) in Finland

MAC/Airprox incidents per participans 2004-2020 (drones include only incidents in Finland)

NB. Collisions and near misses are monitored as total numbers of cases and in terms of the parties involved in the incidents. Consequently, the total numbers and numbers in graph ‘parties involved’ are not the same. 

CFIT/near-CFIT incidents 2004-2020 by aviation domain (not including drones, state aviation or foreign operators)

LOC-I incidents per aviation domain 2004-2020 (not including drones, state aviation or foreign operator)

Ground collisions (GCOL) 2004-2020 per aviation domain (not including state aviation or foreign operators)