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Traficom’s work to improve safety in 2020

In 2020, the measures required by the coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on the focus points of the measures by Finnish aviation safety management. Traficom actively takes part in aviation safety work in the EASA and ICAO forums. The coronavirus situation of 2020 only emphasised the importance of the cooperation. 

Finnish aviation safety management, the strategic safety objectives defined for Finnish aviation, the safety policy and practical activities related to improving aviation safety are described in the Finnish Aviation Safety Programme (FASP) and its Annexes, the Finnish Plan for Aviation Safety (Annex 1) and the Finnish Aviation Safety Objectives and Safety Performance Indicators and Targets (Annex 2).

Read the programme and its annexes.  (Ulkoinen linkki)

In 2020 Traficom implemented e.g. the following measures:

  • Ensuring safety and taking into account health aspects in the various sectors of the aviation system as the pandemic began and continued, and later in the recovery period, caused (and will cause) a significant amount of measures (e.g. oversight, special permits) and required international coordination. Using national and international risk management methods, it was ensured that the focus points and targeting of safety management was realised based on risk and performance.
  • For risk management (see FASP, chapter 2.6), recognised threats and possible new threats that were made current by the pandemic were mapped and risk management measures were implemented to ensure that the risks were managed. Risk management pertaining to the coronavirus situation applies to the pandemic period and will continue also during the recovery period.
    In 2020, Traficom has participated in mapping out COVID-19-related threats with EASA and within the framework of the national risk management process, it has communicated the outcome to aviation operators, has assessed national risk levels and needs for measures and has also discussed the matter with operators during joint risk workshops and as part of oversight.
  • Safety promotion (see FASP, chapter 4.2) has also been an important part of the measures and was done through offering necessary guideline and safety communication material to authorities and aviation operators. International cooperation and coordination was also a large part of this task. 
    In 2020, Traficom published safety bulletins (Ulkoinen linkki) on various subjects, e.g. a bulletin targeted at aviation organisations about controlling coronavirus-related safety threats.
    Because of the coronavirus situation, many safety promotion events targeted at operators had to be cancelled or postponed (such as the Lentoon! seminar organised in cooperation with the Finnish Aeronautical Association, Finavia, ANS Finland, the Finnish Meteorological Institute and AOPA Finland, link to 2019 event (Ulkoinen linkki)), but the events were held through remote connections, if at all possible. Traficom also implemented a large number of measures, which pertained to preparing for the EU regulation about unmanned aviation that was implemented from 31 December 2020 onwards and to communicating about the regulation.
  • Along with managing the coronavirus situation, Traficom furthered the measures that were described in Finnish Plan for Aviation Safety 2020-2024, which was published in spring. Traficom also participated in the work on the national transport safety strategy led by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Further information of the safety bulletins published and f.ex. links to other sources of safety information can be found (in Finnish) here (Ulkoinen linkki)