Open reporting of occurrences and fair processing of the reports has always been seen as one of the mainstays of aviation safety. When the threshold for reporting is low, a more accurate picture of the development needs in the operations can be obtained, and safety can be improved more effectively. A large number of reports can be regarded as a sign of a good safety culture. The Just Culture principles are followed in Finland when processing safety reports. For a more detailed description of how the reports are processed, see section 2.5 of the Finnish Aviation Safety Programme.

In 2019, the number of reports submitted to Traficom was slightly lower than in 2018. Approx. 9,300 reports were received, whereas this figure for the year before was slightly over 9,500. However, it exceeded the average for 2013-2018 by approx. 2,600 reports.

Reporting 2007-2019

The reports are classified on the basis of several different variables. The graph below shows the distribution of incidents in 2019 based on the aviation domain in which the reported incident occurred. Most of these reports concern commercial operation and are received from flight operations and different ground organisations. 

Distribution of incidents by aviation domain