Traficom’s work to improve safety

Traficom’s principles and practical activities related to improving aviation safety are described in the Finnish Aviation Safety Programme (FASP) and its Annexes, especially the Finnish Plan for Aviation Safety. This plan will be updated once more in winter 2020. To familiarise yourself with the valid programme and plan, go to the Finnish aviation safety management pages.

Some of the actions Traficom implemented in 2019 to improve aviation safety

Performance and risk-based oversight was continued and developed further in line with the actions described in the Finnish Plan for Aviation Safety. For a detailed description on this, see FASP Chapter 3 and Traficom’s website dedicated to Performance and Risk-based oversight (Ulkoinen linkki).

National risk management in Finnish aviation continued following the process described in section 2.6 of FASP (the so-called FASP process). National risk pictures for Finnish aviation were produced for several domains, and operator organisations were extensively involved in the risk assessment work. In addition to internal workshops, a total of 11 risk workshops were held with aviation organisations. Their results have influenced decision-making on risk management and measures aiming to maintain and improve safety.

In addition to the risk workshops, Traficom organised several other stakeholder events for operators in different domains of aviation. For more information on these events, see FASP section 4.2 and Traficom’s events pages (Ulkoinen linkki).
Traficom also organised the EASA Annual Safety Conference 2019 (Ulkoinen linkki) in Helsinki together with EASA. The annual Lentoon! safety seminar was again organised in cooperation with the Finnish Aeronautical Association, Finavia, ANS Finland, the Finnish Meteorological Institute and AOPA Finland.

Several safety bulletins (Ulkoinen linkki) were published on a variety of topics.

Based on feedback received from users, the Droneinfo (Ulkoinen linkki) application was developed to also include areas with temporary flight restrictions.

Traficom continued to exert influence in international forums with the aim of developing aviation safety regulation, operating models and safety promotion practices.